September 2019

Results in Song of the year songwriting Contest

This summer a song of mine made it to the semi-finals of the Song of the year contest. This is a prestigious songwriting contest in the USA, with wel known artists in its jury. Happy to see hard work pays off!
May 2018


Dear all, I've decided to dedicate my spare time on songwriting & composing as from now. Besides that I'm teaching vocals & music, spent time with my family and stay healthy. So to see & hear me play again soon will have to wait for a while. Feel free to follow me on Instagram. There I will post the most of my daily activities. Best regards, Grandler  
May 2018


This week there will be a lot of songwriting going on. The goal is to release 4 new songs before the end of 2018. Take a glimpse at my workspace.
This picture shows the workspace of singer/songwriter Grandler


TV Interview

Last Sunday I had a tv appearance on Dutch tv. I played three of my songs and had a nice interview.  I'll keep you updated when the show will be on tv. Thanks for having me BredaNu!


First video release!

Proud to announce that as of today my first music video will be online. Hope you like it and let me know what you think of it. Happy new year to all of you!

Sneak preview video release

Hi, it has been quiet a while. I've been playing a few nice gigs at the end of this summer. In the autumn my creative team and I have been working on the last details of my first video clip. It will be released at January 2nd of the new year. I'm curious what you think of it.

What's up?

We're getting deeper in the summer, so finally holiday time! Time to rehearse for upcoming gigs in the end of August, September and October and finish and write new songs! My health is getting better so the energy is getting back! Wish you all a happy summer and hope to see you at one of my upcoming gigs!

Radio interview

Happy to announce that Sunday the 4th of June I'll be interviewed on a Dutch radioshow called "Grensgeluiden", between 11-12 hours in the morning. Listen via 107.3 fm & 92.9 fm (cable) & live via internet. We're gonna talk about my single "De grens" and some other songs. Click here to find find more info.


Dear all, here's a short update on my health. The reason why it's a bit quiet over here, is that I'm still recovering and suffering from a colitis. Without getting into to much detail, the last few months consisted of hospitalizations, lots of research and malaise. In March I'll have another research, which I hope will be the last. So that from then on, I can focus on releasing songs and playing gigs again. Wish you all a nice day!  Peace!

Happy New Year!

To everybody: Happy new year! This year Grandler will release new singles, video's. New concert dates will be announced this first quarter of this year. So stay tuned!

Release & concerts postponed!

Due to an illness, all activities around the release of "Right side of the road" are postponed. The first release concert of the album "Right side of the road" will be somewhere in the first quarter of the next year.

Pre-release: Album on Spotify today!

As from today the album "Right side of the road" is available on Spotify! Hope you enjoy listening to it!

Album pre-sale today!

Today, the mini album "Right side of the road" is out for pre-sale! Soon it will be available on iTunes, Spotify and other on demand streaming platforms. If you wish to order the album, click on the the picture below and send a message to Grandler! cd-release-grandler-november-1st-2016  

Right side of the road

Grandlers' new album "Right side of the road" will be released December 31. Check out the preview!
  1. Right side of the Road
  2. Battle Creek
  3. You bring out the best in me
  4. For the sake of us
  5. De Grens
  6. Nooit Anders